(7) Seven ways to protect the ocean on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day coming up, everyone is trying to get the fanciest gifts. This year give love not only to your partner, family and friends but to the ocean and its inhabitants.

Here are 7 ways to protect our oceans this Valentine's Day:

1. Get fair-trade chocolate

If you are a chocolate person, there is something you need to know; Cocoa only grows in warm climates so it usually has to travel a long way. Make sure to get fair-trade chocolate at least, which is produced following ethical standards and priced to give farmers and labourers a living and sustainable wage.

2. Skip flowers, plant them

Unless locally grown, try to skip the flowers. Most flowers come from overseas from warmer climates, specially right after winter. If your partner really loves flowers, you can always get them an actual plant that will not die instead.

3. Don't buy gifts, make them

Do not buy gifts, make them instead. Try crafting an upcycled gift, repairing an old, used gift that you know is special for your partner. If you want to buy a gift, buy from local shops and look for sustainable and recycled alternatives. Here are some ideas from our store to protect our oceans.

4. If you write cards, make them

If you like cards, don't buy them, make them yourself. They don't have to be fancy. As long as you make them yourself, your partner should love the gesture. Try giving your card a sustainable touch by including upcycled items. 

5. Try volunteering

Volunteering is a great experience to gift this Valentine's Day. Volunteer to plant trees, helping others or even, to a beach and ocean clean up with our team. If you want to find out more, visit our volunteer page by clicking here

6. Cook at home

An easy way to protect our oceans this valentine's day is by cooking at home instead of dining out. Make sure to dispose everything you consume properly. Each person consumes an average of 5 single-use plastic items everyday, this is an easy way to reduce this number. Cook something special for your partner.

7. Do it differently

Don’t worry about having a plan, don’t drive your car and don’t worry about the money or the gifts. Do something different this time. Spend time talking and reconnecting with your partner. 

"Experiences make us happy, not possessions"



Spread love and enjoy the holiday with your beloved ones. Don't forget to keep our oceans clean and blue with these (7) seven tips for a more sustainable Valentine’s Day.