Certificate of waste recovery

Every time you decide to collect kilograms of waste from the oceans with us, whether is through the purchase of products from our online store or directly through the purchase of one kilogram of trash from seas, oceans, and waterways, you will get a receipt that guarantees and certificates the number of kilograms removed and the environmental impact achieved.


certificate trash recovery from ocean reucse


After each cleanup campaign is completed, you will get an email including the location and impact of your kilograms of waste recovered. We analyse and document what it takes to remove every single kilogram of trash we collect. At the end of the year, you will receive a report with our overall impact of each month and information including number of kilograms pulled, areas of impact, number of volunteers collaborating etc.

We work hard to bring you real change in our oceans and planet and our way of doing so, it's by the purchase of natural and recycled products made thoughtfully in a respectful way with our people, animals and planet in mind.

Thank you everyone who has supported our mission so far!