Every time you buy, our ocean pays the price for our consumption habits

The oceans make up Earth's primary life support system and cover 70% of our planet's surface. Yet we have not been kind to the sea and this has consequences for global humanity.

Over 1 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean, every second 206kg of plastic waste is dumped in the oceans and there are 60 more times microplastics in the ocean today than 15 years ago and the numbers keep raising.



The plastic we use every single day, the plastic we throw away without a moment’s thought, it lives on for years. Where slowly but surely, it is killing marine life and ourselves.

Each year only from the holidays, every time we buy, household waste worldwide increases by 25 percent. From added food waste to shopping bags, packaging etc. Holiday trash pushes an additional 1 million ton of garbage per week to our oceans.

We live on a planet with the most beautiful landscapes, a countless variety of wildlife and yet we don’t fight hard enough to save this magical place.

"Our plastic addiction and waste mismanagement is condemning countless marine birds and animals to death by entanglement or poisoning, and even leading to chemical contamination of our oceans." 

Earth is home to us all and we’re all connected to the sea, so it’s up to each and every one of us to take care of it. Choose wisely, live waste-free and avoid all single-use plastic.

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