Turning plastic pollution into sustainable products

We find everything you can imagine while cleaning the ocean and waterways. Single-use plastic continue to be the most common type of marine debris by far, followed by other plastics, ghost nets, anchors and others.


Mediterranean Sea ocea


At REUCSE, we believe the only way to end with ocean pollution and the plastic crisis relies on the following two; First, implementing new methods, new technologies and new mindsets to replace materials that are harmful to our marine life and entire ecosystems.

"Giving a new life to ocean plastic waste in ways that reduce the use of single-use consumption" 

Second, we must encourage individuals, businesses and governments to do better and support projects that are environmentally-friendly and good for our oceans and its inhabitants. 


At REUCSE, we work hard to implement both, new methods that help us achieve a new material from recycling ocean pollution debris and implement new measures to pursue and encourage others to reduce their plastic consumption. Together, we have the power to replace harmful materials with ocean-friendly, sustainable alternatives!


Together, in collaboration with recycled material experts, we have developed an innovative method to make recycled ocean material collected from the floors and coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain into granules, yarn and filaments to use in future demand products.


What is so cool about this material?

1. Low water consumption

2. Manufactured using 50% of renewable solar energy.

3. No harmful chemicals used in the process.

4. Low CO2 emissions.


Have a look to our ocean recycled materials collection, you might get a surprise with what you find :)