Dangers of recycling plastic into clothes

With recent innovations and recycling advances in the last years, there is a spike in companies using recycled plastic in their products (pet and nylon primarily). New trends are pushing the fashion industry towards a more sustainable lifestyle, new materials are being used and new techniques as well. Companies are rushing to adapt to this new trend, sometimes even hiding the traceability and dangers of their products just to make a sale.

Giving plastic a new service that reduces the use of single-use and stops the production of virgin plastic is a great way to combat ocean pollution, but not when it is recycled into clothes. So is recycling plastic a solution or a threat? The answer is simple; 


Every time synthetic clothes are washed in the laundry, whether they are recycled or not, millions of plastic microfibers make their way into our oceans. Our water sewage plants are old and do not have the capability of filtering out these tiny particles from going forward.  


REUCSE Laundry microplastic pollution


Studies have also shown that plastic can absorb other toxins like pesticides or organic pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls. For that reason, they have the capability to leach these toxic chemicals into our waters every time we wash synthetic clothes.

What can you do?

1. Start off by simply choosing alternative materials that do not include the use of any type of plastics in their production process. By doing that, you will already be making a difference.

2. Volunteer and work hand-to-hand in beach & ocean cleanups in collaboration with our team. Click here to sign up.

With the possibility of giving this modern material we call plastic different uses, let's remove it from the fashion industry!