New Cleanup Campaign March 21st, 2021 in Cobeña, Community of Madrid

Next upcoming Sunday 21st of 2021, we will be doing our first cleanup campaign in the village of Cobeña in Madrid, Spain in collaboration of the municipal government. Cobeña is a small town in the autonomous community of Madrid in central Spain, located approximately 27 km north-east of Madrid. 

Being close to the Jarama River and the Athlantic Ocean, Cobeña poses a threat to our oceans as
 heavy rains could wash most of the trash into the Jarama River, which then leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

With over +160 volunteers joining our team, we expect to collect over +600 kilograms of trash. We will be doing different games and giveaways of our products between all the participants. 


Cobeña, Madrid - Campaña de residuos


Would you like to join our recycling club and participate in our next cleanup?

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