1st Beach & Ocean Cleanup completed

Our very first cleanup campaign was a great success. But it isn't the last one, we are just getting started. Our team, in collaboration, with local volunteers have carried out what it was our first 1 kg Pledge campaign, removing a total of 92 kilograms of trash from the Mediterranean Sea and its waterways.

The coast of Altea is a heavily affected area by fishing refineries and tourism, every year millions of kilograms of trash make their way into our beaches and waters in the Mediterranean Sea. At REUCSE, we have been working to make a tangible and positive impact in the area by collecting, intercepting and recycling as much trash as we could.



Our campaign in this area consisted of an underwater ocean cleanup, following with a beach cleanup and establishing new initiatives to stop waste from reaching our waterways and the Mediterranean Sea.

Among other items, the "ocean trash" collected that surprised us the most were: Anchors, plastic cups, plastic bags, cans, microplastics and plastic beach toys.

Thanks everyone who has supported our mission so far.

2nd Beach & Ocean Cleanup Campaign coming very soon!

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